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HSC Result 2018 By Android Apps

Welcome, everyone. Here is some good advice for all of you who have passed HSC exams. Today’s topic is about the results of the HSC Examination. Generally, you can easily get the results of the Exam. Let’s see how the HSC Exam results will be handled.

HSC results are announced, after 2 months at the end of the examination. The date on which the test results will be published is not known. However, it can be estimated that in the first 2 weeks of August, the results of the test can be published. Results of the test were published at around 2 pm.

Today I will share some tips and tricks with you so that you can easily get the results of the test. Many times, many examinees suffer from the results of their test results. As a reason, they follow the wrong methods to get the results of the examination.

They have to face this suffering to accept wrong methods. Today’s text is basically for those who are in such a problem. Read this article that you can learn about, find out the results without any problem. You will not have to suffer for the results Very few will get your results in hand.

Let’s get involved in the work. It’s good to say a word if you did not follow the correct text well then there could be problems finding the results. Because everything is very well understood here in very simple language and anyone can find the result.

So follow the writing on your own duties.

The topic you will show today is how you will get the results of the test through a mobile phone Android Apps. You can find out all the results of this board through this Android Apps. All the rules and procedures that you have to do for it, are shown in step by step.

Whatever you need:

An Android mobile phone
The Internet connection and enough amount of MB to use the Internet.
And some ideas of the basics for internet browsing.  

How to get results:

 First, find out the Play Store located on your Android mobile phone and open it.
Then search by “BD All Result” in the Play Store.
Install an app show it. Like the photo is shown below.
When the installation process is completely open apps.

The job is almost finished!!

What you need to do now:
Submit your Exam level ( Example: HSC ) 
Roll number ( Example: 53468545) 
The first three letters of Your board (Example: DHA) 
And Complete the Captcha. (Example: 2+7=9 )
Bangladesh Education Board Official Android App picture.
thanks to everyone. Please comment below to know any comments you have. Hope you get their answer. I wish you all the best to finish here. Everyone will be good. Stay with us.

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